RAMPICAR - Multifunctional Small Machines

RAMPICAR - Multifunctional Small Machines

The first fully hydraulic and ultra-innovative family of the small machines, based on a minitransporter basic machine, can build a complete small machine palette by connecting different adapters to the machine quickly and easily...

The basic machine - off-road equipment - is powered by a powerful HONDA engine driven by hydraulics, which can run on extraordinary terrain. The machine can rotate in one place thanks to the rubber foots and even the large load on stairs can be comfortably transported.

The basic machine can easily connect the task-oriented interchangeable components to the basic machine, which is specifically designed for the current job.

It's enough to buy a basic machine and you'll have a complete machine family. DON'T BUY 10-20 MACHINES! YOU can make all work with ONE!

Optional superstructures:

- a small dump truck
- dumper with self-loading blade
- tilting wagon
telescopic arm
- concrete mixing tank
- pallet lifter
- soil fouling
- shredder
- reaper
- dumbbell (with telescopic arm)
- snow thrower
- front cover
- trencher
- concrete mixer
- rolling hammer
- lawn Mower
- soil cleaner (sweeper)