CUBA Consulting


Cuban foreign trade consultancy!

Our company has been export licensed in Cuba since 2004, and as a sole Hungarian company, it continuously supplies compressors and gardening equipment to the island. Our office and our Cuban employees who are familiar with trade are in Havana



29. Oct. - 2nd Nov. 2018.   

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DENV-AIR Ltd. has also successfully exhibited this year at Havana's most significant international fair at FIHAV.

In this year the Hungarian Stand was organized jointly by the Cuban-Hungarian Business Council and MNKH (Magyar Nemzeti Kereskedőház), where 10 exhibitors represented our country. Our company has been supplying compressors and horticultural machines to the island for more than ten years, where we also operate an office and service network. We have concluded new contracts and cooperation agreements at the fair, which will enable our turnover to doubled to Cuba. We have also presented our newest compressor development to our DAPM compressor family, which provides more than 40% energy savings.


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We organize about 4-5 Hungarian companies annually in cooperation with the ministries and the Cuban manufacturing and trading companies, helping the Hungarian companies to enter the market in a wonderful country with great advances. Since 2004 we have been organizing the Hungarian companies, the Hungarian Stand, at the various Havana fairs. In 2008, ITD Hungary commissioned FIHAV. Two Cuban state honors were awarded for our commercial development work!

On March 4, 2010, the first meeting of the Economic and Trade Committee between Hungary and Cuba was held, on which our company also represented four other leading Hungarian companies besides its own issues. If you are investing in Cuba at the best time!

Please feel free to contact us with your questions.


Our OFFICE in Havana

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Exhibition and fair in Havana 2017.

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Cuba Machine Installations 2015.

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Business Council III. with László Szabó, Deputy Foreign Minister, 2015.

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Visit of the Cuban Ambassador

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Visit of the Carricarte Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba in Budapest,

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FIHAV Havana Fair 2015.

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 fihav kuba vasar2015 006  fihav kuba vasar2015 007

FIHAV Havana Fair 2015.

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Business Meeting (KUBA) 2013.

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The Hungarian-Cuba Business Council elected Tamás Gyenese as President for 2013.

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FIHAV Havana Fair 2013.

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